What our patients have said…

All my life of 54 years I have been plagued with a sinus problem.  Waking up in the morning blowing my nose with at least a dozen tissues just to get halfway clear so there is no sinus pressure.  I used to be sick for about a week twice a year, even bad enough to miss work a day or two.  Every doctor I went to see would say I had a virus and prescribe a Z-pack or something similar.  This would never really solve the problem but it did take away some symptoms temporarily.

Three years ago my wife and son talked me into coming to see Dr. Lary Ciesemier since my son had been coming to see him for a year and was feeling much better.  Within a few months I was already feeling better.  Things have been just getting better ever since.  I get up in the morning and blow my nose once and I would be totally clear.  I’ve always been a mouth breather until I started seeing Dr. Ciesemier.  Now I actually breathe through my nose even when I sleep

All I had to do was exactly what the doctor told me and get my shots on time.  No more getting sick a few times a year and no more missing work.  I still have a little ways to go but things just keep getting better,  Thanks to Dr. Ciesemier!!

—Finally Clear in Kirksville


Response to “How are you doing with your allergies?”
“Good. Great. Wonderful. Because of the wonderful care at Dr. Ciesemier’s office. Especially the office staff.”



“Dr. C was great. Determined my allergies, discussed treatments (and costs), and answered all of my other questions. He did not rush me. Zero wait time.”


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